About Me

Samantha Shanks-Husbands. Dip.Hyp, HPD, MUKHC

Sam PTW Med 2

About me

Horsemanship is my passion and to be successful with horses, you really do need to be calm, confident and able to manage your mental and physical state. Horses are large, intelligent and powerful animals. Successful horsemanship depends on a person bringing their very best mental state into full effect.

It’s that which first introduced me to the power of mind coaching. I attended some coaching courses myself and experienced the profound effects of becoming a calm, confident person, able to focus my attention, intent and belief. Soon, I was sharing my newfound skills and discovered a talent for teaching other people how to use the power of the mind to reach their full potential. Acquiring formal qualifications was my natural next step, towards embracing a career in mental skills training.

I use the psychological skills and tools I teach on a daily basis, by applying them to many different elements of my life. Particularly when I’m exercising and horse riding, they also help me to manage my weight, and give me the confidence to enjoy delivering talks, presentations and workshops to rooms full of people!