Harness the power of your mind so it is working for you, instead of against you.

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How it works!

We have all experienced our bodies responding to something imagined as if it is real. Whether that be sweaty palms thinking about an upcoming competition, cringing at the thought of an embarrassing memory, butterflies in our stomach in anticipation of something exciting, or even a panic attack when we are not actually in genuine danger. We can learn to use this phenomenon to our advantage! 

The truth is that we can have so much more influence over our experience of ourselves and our lives than most of us realise. Mental Skills Training is learning how to do this.

What we think, believe and imagine has a tremendous influence over our experience and our performance.

How we think about things will even dictate whether a disappointing performance cripples us and ruins the rest of the competition or whether it provides us with valuable information that we can utilise to inform our training strategy, grow and improve!

During our sessions together, you’ll discover why your mind behaves the way it does and how to change that.

Our minds are powerful enough to govern our physical responses. Mental training enhances the power of your mind, to amplify what your body can achieve.

To achieve your peak performance, especially when you are under pressure, you need to know how to calm your body, how to calm your mind, how to develop a progressive and supportive inner dialogue and be able to deliberately direct your focus and attention where is it most valuable. These are skills that need to be learned and practised ahead of time, so they are there for you when you need them.

Science shows us that how you perceive the situation, and how you feel about your ability to meet the challenges before you, affects how your body responds and impacts what chemicals are released. So by learning these skills, you are not just improving your experience and enjoyment, you can influence how your body responds physically.

By learning to utilise a range of psychological skills including focused attention, intent, expectancy, belief and your imagination, you can learn how to manage your state and truly fulfil your potential.



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Mental strength is a learnable, repeatable skill. It is a capability you actively engage in. A doing, rather than a happening.

How Your Sessions Will Work

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You'll acquire powerful new skills

You will learn a range of psychological skills and tools which you will then be able to apply independently, so they are there for you when you need them most. Using a mixture of evidence-based approaches, I will enable you to harness the power of your own mind so you can enjoy life more, thrive and fulfil your true potential. 

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You'll have private access to your own personalised content

Alongside your sessions, you’ll also have your very own private online portal, where you’ll be able to access and download a range of materials that I will tailor to your specific needs as your sessions progress. This means that your session notes, session recordings and other useful documents will be right at your fingertips, whenever you need them.

Who can I help?

Basically, anyone with a mind!

Mind Coaching has many applications and can be used to achieve a broad range of outcomes. From overcoming anxiety, weight loss, dealing with fears and phobias, and habit reversal, right through to enhancing the performance of already thriving athletes. 

I have helped people from all walks of life overcome a wide range of issues and achieve a diverse range of goals. Book a free discovery call and we can have a chat about your unique situation. I will be very happy to describe the ways in which I can help you to achieve your goals

Whatever we are doing in life, our minds are always with us.